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Welcome to the ATLC Lending Library! The Trial Periods on devices for the 2013-2014 school year are beginning to wind down. All devices need to be returned to the Lending Library by Friday, May 30th so they can be checked in before the end of the school year. To complete a 4-week trial we will need to send devices out by Thursday, May 1st. Dawn Shelbourn is the Director of the ATLC Lending Library and Rob Starks assists. Please conatact Dawn either by e-mail ( or by phone at 262-473-1449 with your 2013-2014 AAC device trial loans.

Notice: Devices are loaned for trial purposes only.

The Assistive Technology Lending Center (ATLC) is a lending library of high-end Alternative and Augmentative Communication(AAC) equipment for trial purposes. The ATLC provides high-end AAC devices costing $4000.00 or more for loan to Wisconsin LEA public school licensed professional educators for trial with children ages 3 to 18 who have IEPs and are enrolled in public schools or students age 19-21 who are enrolled in a Wisconsin LEA school program and have an IEP.

The ATLC provides high-end AAC devices for trial purposes only. Educators may not request the same AAC device a student is currently using as a substitute for a device not working properly or in for repair.

Library hours: Monday through Friday from 7:30-11:30 a.m..

ATLC contact info: CESA #2 - ATLC Lending Library, 1221 Innovation Drive, Suite # 116, Whitewater, WI 53190. (PH) 262-473-1449 (Fax) 262-472-2269. E-mail: .

PLEASE NOTE: Equipment loan period is 4 weeks (Renewals may be requested). The ATLC Grant provides for free shipping to the school and return shipping of the equipment back to the ATLC.

ATLC is funded through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction IDEA Discretionary Grant #12-74-9902-IDEA40. The Assistive Technology Lending Center (ATLC) (CFDA #84.027) acknowledges the support of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction in the development of this website and for the continued support of this federally-funded grant program. There are no copyright restrictions on this document; however, please credit the Wisconsin DPI and support of federal funds when copying all or part of this material.

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Contact Information:
Dawn Shelbourn
(PH) 262-473-1449
(FAX) 262-472-2269
Rob Starks
(PH) 262-473-1454

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