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Tango! Teen Version - Zach Voice #

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Tango is an augmentative communication device with dynamic display. This AAC device combines a broad array of communication methods, such as an intuitive language hierarchy, ingenious new icons, and easy-to-access pop-ups, with the vast power of consumer electronics--like a built-in camera and voice morphing, so individuals can better match their specific communication needs with the best features to achieve them. Tango! can be plugged into your computer with the included USB dongle. All phrase text, keyboarding, and individual words can be sent to any standard computer application ( i.e. Microsoft Word). Has one and two-switch scanning. Comes with Zack voice. Eight hours of typical use. Weight is 2.5 lbs and size is 12.5 " x 4.4" x 1.8". Six buttons on the touch screen measure about 1" x 1 1/4".