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DynaVox Xpress (Copy 1)

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The DynaVox Xpress is a powerful handheld augmentative communication device. Portable, discreet and easy-to-use, it fits in a pocket or purse, yet delivers a full range of communication capabilities previously available only in larger devices. Includes 2 Standard Batteries (3.5 hours of use each). InterAACT, the language framework of the DynaVox Xpress supports natural communication for people of all ages and abilities has been optimized to complement its 5-inch screen. It gives users immediate access to the vocabulary used every day, and helps users quickly find new vocabulary for unique situations. Contains natural-sounding, synthesized (computer-generated) child and adult voices. Voice options include: AT&T (adult), Acapela (adult and child),Loquendo (adult with speech effects. Loquendo adult voices support the use of inflection and emphasis, enabling you to convey emotions as you laugh, cry, shout or whisper, and high-quality, front-firing speakers and an external volume control. Weight: 1.5 lbs.