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Tobii C12 With Keyguards & CEye (Optional) #

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This device is no longer available after the Tobii & DynaVox merger in 2014. If you are unsure of a student's eye tracking ability, this device would be perfect to use to practice eye tracking with a student before trialing an I-Series Device. The Tobii C12 is an augmentative & alternative communication device (AAC device) that has a large screen for those needing more information or bigger symbols. Users communicate via text or symbols that generate synthesized or digitized speech. The Tobii C12 comes pre-installed with Tobii Communicator standard edition, which allows users to communicate using text or the more than 15,000 included SymbolStix symbols. It comes with ready made page sets that help therapists set up an individual’s language. The Communicator Premium (pre-installed) supports e-mail, text messaging, and environmental control. The Tobii C12 may be adjusted to a user's input needs, voice preferences and other options. Multiple profiles can be stored, making it easy to select a profile according to an input change, language profile or to share a unit among users. With the built-in camera it is possible to capture an image and turn it into a communication topic.

The Tobii C12 can be controlled in many ways including the built in touch screen, keyboard, mouse, headmouse, switches, or the optional eye control unit. The optional eye tracker unit docks seamlessly into the Tobii C12 and operates accurately regardless of glasses, contact lenses, eye color or light conditions. For those with uncontrollable head movements, the eye tracker’s reliability and large track box makes for effective eye control without the need for recalibration.

Swappable batteries & keyguards included. C12 Dimensions (WxHxD) 12.3" x 10.4" x 1.8" Weight 6.5 lbs.