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DynaVox Maestro (Copy 3) #

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The new Maestro with folding stand is an augmentative and alternative communication device with dynamic display and a Windows 7 computer. The Maestro is 10.625” x 8.5” in size with a 10.4” screen. With the extended battery, the Maestro weighs 3.44 lbs., and has a battery life more than 9 hours.

The Maestro includes Mayer-Johnson’s Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro loaded. Individuals can customize the Maestro by creating original pages, or can choose from the provided InterAACt page templates. There are approximately 25,000 pre-made pages in the Maestro. The InterAACt page sets include pages that provide dynamic vocabulary options. These pages include “Quickfire” phrases that can be instantly adapted to casual or formal situations, as well as groups of phrases that can shift from past to present or future tense using a single button. Provides word and character prediction options. Character prediction attempts to predict the next character most likely to be used when a user is spelling out a word. Character prediction is particularly useful to scanning users.

Speech output: AT&T Natural Voices, Acapela HQ Voices, Microsoft Voices, Digitized Speech. Access Methods available with Series 5 Software include: Touch enter, Touch exit, Touch Auto Zoom, Scanning, Joystick, Audio Touch, Mouse pause/Head trackers, Morse Code.