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Accent 1200 With Keyguards & NuEye (Optional) - Dedicated Device

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Accent 1200 With Keyguards - Dedicated Device

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This device is no longer available after the production of the Accent 1400 in Spring 2015. If you are unsure of a student's ability to use the Accent Device and NuEye, this device would be perfect to use to practice with a student before trialing an Accent 1400 with NuEye. Accent 1200 is the first in a line of Prentke Romich Company's high-performance augmentative & alternative communication devices with advanced functionality and user-friendly features. The Accent 1200 weights 5 lbs. 4 oz. and is pre-loaded with NuVoice™, PRC’s exclusive software, that powers both Unity™ and Essence™; built-in learning resources for Language Stages 1-6 from PRC’s AAC Language Lab; context-sensitive Help built right into the device for fast answers that are easy to access; and front and rear cameras for taking pictures. Accessibility via: direct selection and single- or dual-switch scanning. USB connectivity allows use of mouse, joystick and mouse emulation access products. Voices include: Acapela Text-to-Speech, Fonix-DECtalk© Text-to-Speech software, RealSpeak™ Text-to-Speech, AT & T® Natural Voices, and Microsoft®.

The NuEye Tracking System attaches to the new Accent 1200 device in seconds to give users full visual control of the device. Keys are "selected" by gazing for a specified period of time to generate speech. Easy to pause tracking system; blink, dwell, and switch selection; 0, 1, 2, 5, and 9-point calibration with variable calibration stimulus; variable fixation window size and sample averaging; custom window dwell time; large track box area and ability to freely move head. The NuEye Tracking System provides real time video view of user alignment, off-screen toolbox control, and ability to highlight keys, real time cursor, and/or fixation pointer, as well as default and custom user profiles, all while maintaining very low power consumption.

The NuEye is small and portable, lightweight (4.58 oz.). It can be used by adults and children; an effective solution for ALS patients, Cerebral Palsy, Rett Syndrome, and more.

*Includes: Includes three keyguards: 45, 60, & 84, and PCS Symbols.

* Dimensions:12.63”w x 9.06”h x 1.19”-2.19”d.